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pet parent and guardian

At our pet photography studio, we celebrate loving dog parents who understand the importance of capturing timeless moments with their furry family members.

From one pet lover to another

There is really nothing quite like having a furry soulmate, that one forever pet.

We know you understand exactly what we are talking about. Your pet has been there with you by your side through thick and thin and always loving you unconditionally. Really, he or she might as well be your shadow.

To memorialize this love and devotion, you are ready to document the bond authentically through photography. You appreciate quality, art and modern photography and are looking for a skilled and artistic photographer who understands pets. You desire personal and custom photography experience that celebrates your bond with treasured portraiture. It is important for you to decorate your home with photographs of you and your pet.

If so, then you have found the right photographer for you and your pet because Olin feels exactly the same way you do! She is also obsessed with her dogs. So let's get your photography journey started!

you and your buddy

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Are you ready to unleash your fur kid's inner superstar in front of the camera? To capture your family's paw-some personality like never before? To help you freeze this moment in time and treasure these memories fur-ever? We are pawsitively excited and can't wait to get snapping!

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Pets have unique personalities and traits that make them special to their owners. A pet photo session is an excellent opportunity to capture your furry friend's unique character in a way that will bring joy and fond memories for years to come.

Capture Your Pet's Personality

Create Lasting Memories

Pets are a cherished part of the family, and a photo session can create beautiful memories that you can enjoy and share for a lifetime. Whether you want to capture playful moments, cuddles, or just the beauty of your pet, we can help you create stunning photographs that will be treasured for generations.

3 reasons to get pet portaits

Celebrate Your Bond

The love between a pet and their owner is unconditional and immeasurable. Our pet photography sessions are designed to celebrate that bond and create beautiful images that capture your love and affection for each other. We can help you create keepsake images that showcase the unique relationship between you and your furry friend.

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You + Your Pet

  • Share an incredible bond
  • Have a deep connection beyond just yummy treats
  • Each others' best friend
  • Go on adventures anywhere together paw in hand
  • Ready to take on the world together
  • The best pet + human combo in history, seriously
  • Talk to each other all the time

Your Pet

  • Follows you everywhere
  • Trusts you implicitly
  • Thinks you're the best human
  • Loves getting to know people
  • Loyal to the core
  • Totally gets you
  • Stuck by you through the years
  • Makes you laugh
  • Is the best cuddler at night
  • Your pet is your fur kid
  • Gives the best belly rubs
  • Laughs at dogs
  • Shares your chips with your dogs
  • Believe in the goodness of dogs
  • Remembers every pet you've had
  • Cried at Marley and Me
  • Sings with your dogs
  • Have a voice for your dog


that remarkable bond

Get ready to unleash your inner pet photographer with our free guide! Our top tips for great dog photos will help you capture stunning images of your furry friend like a pro. Download now and start creating timeless memories that you'll cherish for years to come!

5 Tips For Awesome Pet Photos

Better than Rolling In Dirt!

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Ready to feel paw-some in front of the camera? To capture your furry family's unique essence like never before? Let's create memories that will make this moment last fur-ever! We're excited and our tails are wagging to start snapping pictures of you and your fur-babies!

are you ready for the cutest photoshoot ever?

Great experience with them! They were very responsive to our communications and skillful in working with our two dogs for the photo session. One of our dogs is very anxious and they did an excellent job of working with him. Would recommend to others.


Love Notes

This was an amazing experience! Caroline was so sweet and easy to work with. I could not be happier with the pictures I received!


Caroline and her staff were so professional, friendly,and warm with both my dogs, including one high anxiety fearful girl who is usually standoff-ish. They were patient, understanding, and flexible with the shoot to capture both dogs very different personalities - and had great suggestions. They were also incredibly accommodating of scheduling quickly due to my ill dog. You can tell Caroline is not only fantastic at what she does, she also loves it!


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