We are a modern pet photography studio seeking authentic moments, fun and epic dog licks.

Our modern pet photography studio is the perfect place to capture the unique personality of your furry friend. With a focus on fun and a modern approach to pet photography, we create images that are both timeless and stylish. We strive to create the perfect experience for you and your pets.

we are dog and cat (and every other animal) people
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Morning affirmations, cuddles with our puppies + kitties, boba, peanut butter toast, meditation, and kindness.

daily rituals

In our studio, playing with the cats and dogs, styling, photographing, editing and creating


Unkind people, boring photos, stuffy poses, cancel culture, not believing in ourselves


Story telling, playfulness, fun, the essence of a pet's personality, high quality products, and customer service that exceeds expectations


At Pet Photos By Olin, everyone is a pet lover. We are dedicated to creating a warm and welcoming environment for both pets and their owners, where everyone feels comfortable and relaxed. We understand that pets can be unpredictable and that each one has its own unique needs and requirements. We take the time to get to know each pet and their personality, ensuring that they feel at ease during the photo shoot. For Olin and her team, pet photography is not just a job; it is a passion and a way of life. We believe in creating beautiful memories that capture the magical connection between pets and their owners, and we take great pride in being able to do so.

Our superpower is helping pet owners document the love and bond between them and their fur kids. 

Our values as pet photographers are rooted in our love and respect for pets. We believe that each fur baby is unique and has its own personality and quirks that should be celebrated and captured through photography. Our approach to pet photography is fun, modern, and focuses on showcasing the pet's individuality. We understand that our fur babies are more than just pets; they are family members and deserve to be treated with the same care and attention as any other member of the family. Our goal is to create beautiful, timeless images that will be cherished for years to come.

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an immense world


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all creatures great and small




Hi, I am Caroline. My good friends call me Olin and I have always loved animals. 

I remember my first cat and dog as a little girl. From then on I was in love. My father told me to stop bringing animals home with me. I'm a pet photographer with a passion for capturing the special bond between pets and their owners. My love for dogs began in 2000 when Milou, my black Portuguese Water Dog, came into my life and forever changed me. Together, we embarked on a life filled with dogs and dog sports, and she inspired me to start photographing them.

I believe that the bond between pets and their owners is truly unique, and I am dedicated to capturing that bond in every photo I take. I love highlighting pets of all breeds, colors, shapes, sizes, and ages, and my goal is to show their true personality in an authentic way. Whether we're shooting in my studio, on location, or in action, I focus on capturing special moments that will adorn the walls of your home.

My classical art training fuels my modern and refined style, and I aim to make every pet look like a star in Vanity Fair Magazine. My work is naturally suited to be displayed as wall hangings or heirloom quality photo albums that will last for years to come. When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me with my own family, including 2 human kids and 4 fur kids, who are always willing to model for me (thankfully, they all work for treats.

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As a pet photographer

As a lover of dogs and photography, I started capturing dogs in action while attending agility competitions with my Portuguese Water Dog, Milou. Since then, I've photographed dogs for various clients including ESPN, American Kennel Club, and United States Dog Agility Association, among others. My experience in handling and training dogs enables me to connect with them, making them feel loved and comfortable during shoots. I even read dogs better than people! My background in performance dog sports as a trainer and handler lends itself to my work as a pet and dog photographer. I know dogs, I love dogs, I breathe dogs. I know how to work with your dogs and make them feel loved and comfortable. From timid dogs, to rambunctious ones and even fearful dogs or resource guarders, I understand dogs.

Aside from dog photography, I have also documented weddings and captured family portraits, and I am proud to have been recognized by Rangefinder Magazine and Junebug as a Top 30 Rising Star of Wedding Photography and Top 30 Engagement Photographer, respectively. But now, I am returning to my first love: dogs, and I am thrilled to document the special bond between pets and their humans through my modern, artistic style.

Hi, I am Caroline. My good friends call me Olin and I have always loved animals. 

Introducing Sarah, our exceptional associate photographer and your fur baby's new best friend! With a deep passion for animals and a special bond with her own pup, Monty, Sarah is dedicated to capturing the unique personalities of your fur babies through pet photography.

With years of experience behind the lens and a keen eye for detail, Sarah has perfected the art of immortalizing those precious moments shared with your beloved pets. Over the past two years, she has been an integral part of our studio, learning and growing alongside Olin, and her commitment to our clients is unparalleled.

But beyond her talent as a photographer, Sarah's love for animals shines through in everything she does. Whether it's cuddling with Monty or meeting new furry friends, her vibrant spirit and genuine love for animals create an atmosphere where pets feel comfortable and cherished.

So if you're looking to capture the joy, love, and playful spirit of your pets, look no further than Sarah. Trust her to create stunning images that celebrate the bond you share with your furry companions.

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Creatives, photographers, visionaries, mindful, passionate, women with one goal behind a purpose-driven brand

Our team is comprised of highly trained creatives  who not only excel at what they do, but do so with a lot of heart and a commitment to going above and beyond your expectations.

Our purpose has always been you. Our story is one of family and commitment to providing only the best. We never set out to become a big business. Our plan was always to be a purpose driven brand and go above and beyond for our clients, to meet your needs, and to value people over profit no matter what. That’s how we became who we are today, and that will never change.

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get to know the team

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Welcome to our magical studio located in the heart of Sacramento!

While I'm happy to snap pictures in amazing homes and locations, my natural-light-bathed studios are where the real magic happens. Each studio portrait is a work of art where I pay attention to every detail to create a comfortable and caring space for my clients.

My studio isn't just for taking pictures - it's also where we have consultations and design sessions to guide you through the photography process. Plus, you get to view your images in the same cozy space! And let's not forget about the furry friends. Pets are always welcome in my studio, where we have a blast spinning, jumping, and of course, barking and meowing.

Come on over and let's make some memories! Don't forget to schedule an appointment to make sure we can give you and your pet our undivided attention.

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Caroline's dog photography has been featured on multiple websites, blogs, and magazines across the country

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Featured on good day sacramento for all american pet photo day

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Featured in "it's a dog world" feature article on sacramento magazine

Pet Photos By Olin In Sacramento Magazine

Our Favorite Things

Traveling — especially to beaches in Hilo,Tulum and Bali; and the bustling cities of New York and Singapore

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Our Garden! It's our zone of serenity where all of our best ideas happen.

Jigsaw puzzles! We have so many waiting to be done and we usually have one in the studio break room going. Would you care to help us?

My Favorite Things

Our own studio pets, the dogs, our warehouse cat and the naughtiest kittens you'll ever meet

Snacks, we are really big on studio snacks, from Senorita Bread to lumpia, samosa and our favorite Boba, we are big fans of snacks!

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Picnics! How can you not love a picnic? Flowers, sunshine, books, the best snacks...



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“Caroline has the magical ability of making my dog's personality shine through.”

- kate

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Ready to feel paw-some in front of the camera? To capture your furry family's unique essence like never before? Let's create memories that will make this moment last fur-ever! We're excited and our tails are wagging to start snapping pictures of you and your fur-babies!

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Get ready to discover the best spots to shop in Sacramento! Our top recommendations for pet-friendly stores will help you and your furry friend find the perfect toys, treats, and accessories to enhance your bond. Download now and start exploring the city with your four-legged companion!

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We cannot wait to hear more about your family and meet your beloved furry friend. You may also reach us directly at 888.518.6575 or by emailing us at info@milouandolin.com.

We would love to chat with you! Studio visits by appointment only.

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